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Welcome to Vetmade Industries

Get Unemployed Disabled Veterans Back to Work


All Disabled Unemployed American Veterans Who Are Willing and Able to Work...Can!

Provide an Intensive On-the-job Training Program That Gives a Veteran Work Skills, Job-Preparation, Pride, and a Pay Check


Once a Veteran Passes Through our Doors, He or She will Have the Tools, Motivation, and Opportunity to Realize a Prosperous and Happy Life

  Department of the Army Department of the Navy United States Coast Guard United States Marine Corp. Department of the Air Force


Grand Re-Opening

To all of you have supported us over these past years, we want to thank you for your amazing support. We are happy to announce that we are finally in a good enough financial position to re-open our wokshop in Tampa, and get back to our mission of Getting Disabled/Unemployed Veterans back to work. Our target is this Veteran's Day 12 November 2018. We are in the process of bringing on-board a skilled shop foreman to run the shop and supervise our skills training and  woodworking product production.  We have a lot of work to do in order to get the shop ready to accept workers; clean up/organize, fix our old broken-down machinery, etc. We will be calling for volunteers to help, and will keep everyone posted. In the mean time, thanks again for your support, and say a prayer for us as we get back to work.  John Campbell

Here are two chairs I made this weekend. We will be coming out with new and improved products as we ramp back up.

Veteran Job and Education Opportunities

Senate Passes "Forever" G.I. BillThe U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed legislation that is considered to be the largest expansion of veterans education benefits in a decade. Among other provisions, the “Forever GI Bill” – which now goes to President Donald Trump to be signed into law –ends the 15-year limit veterans had to use their education benefits, and corrects a Pentagon deployment authorization that has kept thousands of National Guardsmen and reservists from accumulating earned education benefits...

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